Where Is The Best Place To Sit On The Plane?

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I don’t know about you, but an opportunity of getting an empty seat next to me on the plane is something I’ll never trade for anything. It’s one of the most amazing travel experiences, especially when I find myself sitting far back on the plane.

For some passengers, sitting at the back of the plane is always distracting. It’s not always pleasant – the motor noise and seeing the flight attendants moving up and down – not entertaining at all. But, when you are the only on your seat row, with no seatmates, it’s very comfortable. I remember the last leg of my trip, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the aircraft wasn’t full, and I was the only passenger on the last six rows of the plane. Well, I really enjoyed that trip.

Do you think all the plane seats are equal? Well, based on my experience in the travel industry, I know that some seats are much more expensive than others, even if they are all in economy class. Sometimes, if you are fortunate, you can get an economy seat that will allow you to stretch your leg. Similarly, some seats are just not comfortable, you will cry yourself to sleep all through the trip. So where do you think you should seat if you want a seat that has abundant legroom?


This BBC article revealed the most amazing spots for comfort, safety and service. According to Beth Blair, a former flight attendant,” There are whispers that some seats are better than others, but is it true? The short answer: Yes.”

So where is the best place to sit on the plane? where do you love sitting? Would you rather sit at the front? Here is a guide that shows which seat to choose or where to sit on your next trip.

Which seat is the most comfortable?


In Economy class, there is always a little extra space in rows adjacent to the emergency exit. Although, Business class seats are generally comfortable – that’s why you are paying that huge amount of money, the luxury that comes with it is beyond measure. However, some reclining seats known as ‘angle seats’ are really not restful.

Where should I sit for plentiful luggage space in the overhead compartment?

Well, if you travelling with lots of luggage – travellers going to visit family abroad can relate to this. When you have packed everything ‘packable’ for all your Uncles and Aunties. The best place to sit if you really want a spacey overhead compartment is at the back. The seats at the back are not always popular, so there is always plentiful space for your luggage. However, don’t forget that you will be the last person to leave the plane the moment you land at your destination airport.

Are some seats safer than others?


Photo Source: 1000awesomethings.com

I don’t really think so. However, a Time Magazine Survey of US Federal Aviation Administration accident records dating back 35 years, shows that middle seats in the rear of the aircraft has the best outcome during accidents. However, Beth further explained that there is no guaranteed. According to Alison Duquette, FAA Office of Communications, “Each incident is unique and accidents are extremely rare”. She said that there is no good or best place to sit on an aircraft in terms of injury prevention or survivability in an accident.  This means that all plane crashes are different. In the event of an emergency landing, you are probably safer if you are sitting close to the emergency exit.

I prefer having an empty seat next to me, how do I get one?

Well, most passengers prefer to sit in front, so as to be able to get out of the plane almost immediately when the plane lands. plane. There are greater chances that you will have empty seats around you at the rear-end of the plane.

I have a connecting flight to catch, how do I get off the plane quickly?

By sitting at the front. Sometimes, passengers are allowed to drop from the exit door at the back of the plane (not every time though). If you find an empty seat in front before landing, you can kindly ask the flight attendant, for a change of seat.

Where can I seat to avoid ear discomfort?

The answer is No. The air pressure is the same everywhere on board.

Where can I sit to avoid turbulence?


Sitting close to the aircraft wings is the best bet. However, when you travel with larger aircraft, which flies at higher altitudes, you will encounter little or no turbulence.

For on-board entertainment, where do I sit to be served sooner?

Most servings, start at the front of the plane – front-to-back service, so the best place to sit would be at the front.

Can I change seats before my flight?

You can only change your seat before check-in. You can do that if you do online check-in or you can request for a suitable seat when you are at the check-in counter. Be nice to the counter agent. Similarly, you can change your seat when you are boarding, if you have a nice seatmate, you might be lucky.

Article Source: BBC

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