6 Great Things to Do in Nairobi between Business Meetings

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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and a global tourist destination. The beauty and the security of the city has been a global meeting destination for the international organization, as well as businesses. If you are visiting Nairobi for the first time for business meetings and wondering what to do between meetings, here are 6 great things to do within the CBD.

 Visit the Kenya National Archives

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The Kenya National Archives is located in the middle of the city, and it is the perfect place to learn the history of Kenya. Basically, the art and craft collection in the place takes you on the African cultural tour, as you will see the Kenyan arts, crafts, and items that were being used in the ancient times. Besides, there are other artifacts from other African nations like Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Congo among others, as well as a photo exhibition gallery showing the Kenyan times from colonial era to present times. The entrance to the archives is charged a small fee of about ksh 200, which is worth every minute in the place.

Enjoy Breathtaking City Views from K.I.C.C Helipad

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The Kenya International Convention Centre is located in the CBD of Nairobi and features many government offices. However, it has earned international fame because as a venue for special events, meetings, exhibitions, and conferences. The building is located meters away from various five-star hotels in the city. If you can courageous enough, you can move to the rooftop, which is the helipad either by lift or via the stairs and have a breathtaking of the city. While at the top, you will not only view the beautiful city, but also the surrounding environments, that are naturally beautiful.

 Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

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If you are a coffee lover, then you will have choices of places to visit between business meetings. In fact, coffee shops in Nairobi are some of the best places to catch up with old friends or pass time while talking business with friends. The best coffee shops in Nairobi CBD are Java Coffee House, Savannah Coffee Lounge, The Mug, Gibson Coffee House and Kaldis Coffee House. If you have sufficient time, you can explore all the places to decide on your best for the next visit.

Relax at the Jeevanjee Garden

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Jeevanjee Garden is a recreation garden that features arty benches, well-maintained vegetation, and attractive sculptures. If the meeting sessions were long or have taken long to begin, you can relax with your friends at the Jeevanjee Gardens. The place is not only relaxing but beautiful, yet located in the city square.

Explore Cuisines and Drinks in various Hotels and Restaurants

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Nairobi is an attractive destination, as well as a cuisine hub. If you are a foodie, you are well sorted and with plenty of hotels and restaurants to visit as you explore the cuisines available. Although there are foods from various traditions, you should taste the famous “nyama choma” meal if you are not a vegetarian. Among the best restaurants to explore within the CBD is Café Clarion, After 40 Hotel, Makuti and Steers among others. Most of the restaurants provide free Wi-Fi, smoking areas, and free parking lots.

Visit Nairobi Railway Museum

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The railway museum is located next to Nairobi railway station. Here you will learn how the construction of the East African railway contributed to the establishment of the city, through a collection of photos from the start of the project, and multiple artifacts collected in the ancient days. Also, you can tour the museum’s yard, which exhibits the steam engine locomotives that were in use since 1898.

Nairobi is nicknamed as “The City under the Sun”, simply because of its beauty and the many places to visit. The city features a national park and many recreation joints. However, the CBD of the city is an exciting place to explore between business meetings and get a memorable experience.


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