7 Incredible Yet Unusual Reasons To Visit Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is filled with ancient and modern day attractions that fit the wealth and the most frugal of travellers. No matter what you are coming to do in this cosmopolitan city, it has something electrifying for you. Even history buffs cannot neglect it when it comes to its hot-stepping odysseys.  From the sheesha lounges, haggling in markets, sizzling beach clubs to the strolls around the city’s dhow habour, Abu Dhabi doesn’t slow down for anyone.

The city’s heritage is mind-blowing with its golden beaches, desert, water parks and a nightlife that even a nun cannot resist indulging in. We have listed 7 incredible yet unusual reasons to visit Abu Dhabi before the end of this year.

1. Explore Yas Island – the Island of Fun

Yas Island aerial view - reasons to visit Abu DhabiPhoto Source: Viceroyhotelgroup.com

Yas Island is a red-hot and frantic stretches of sandy beach where your adrenaline will surely ride over your imagination in Abu Dhabi.  There are perfect spots for you to sunbath and the Yas Marina Circuit where the famous Abu Dhabi’s Formula One racing takes place every year is a must visit destination on earth. You cannot ignore the  Waterworld, which is the world’s biggest indoor water park, or the Ferrari World, specially built for the racing car. Other Yas Island attractions include Yas Beach, Yas Central, Yas plaza Hotels, and Yas Marina Circuit.

2. See the Cities of Tomorrow

Masdar City - reasons to visit Abu DhabiPhoto Source: Nrman Foster on Flickr

Forget Disneyworld when you come to Abu Dhabi.  Masdar City is the one of the surprising attractions that you will see here. It is the city of the future where cars are banned.  It is a pioneering zero carbon village that is powered only by the winds and sun. No one ever forgets the driver-less pods that run on rails in this city.

3. Walk the Magnificent Promenade

magnificient promenade in Abu Dhabi - reasons to visit Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to give your partner a romantic treat?  Come to the epic promenade that is four mile in length. Two things will definitely catch your attention when you come here; the huge Emirate flag and the Capital Gate building that was built with an in-lean of 18 degrees.  You can even visit the oldest building in Abu Dhabi called the Qasr al Hosn fort.

4. Conquer the Desert Dune

Liwa Desert, Abu DhabiPhoto Source: Françoise Morio on Flickr

You have not seen it all until you peer over the 100 feet sand dune of Abu Dhabi. The availability of the 4×4 tours will take you into the sand world where you will see the power pylon or the strange looking well. Your journey cannot be complete if you do not visit Al Ain called the ‘Garden City’ located in the desert because of its greenery. For daytime safari, visit Liwa Desert, which is a true desert wilderness with dunes rising up to about 200m.

5. Get Creative at the Saadiyat Cultural District

Saadiyat-Island-Cultural-District-Gugenheim-Abu-Dhabi Photo Source: Otal.com

You will fall in love with Saadiyat Island immediately you see it. It is the best place to visit in the Middle East if you are looking for art and culture. Some people called it  the world’s second Louvre. There is a partially submerged museum you can explore and also ‘The Place of Enlightenment’ called Manarat Al Saadiyat that leaves you breathless because of the beautiful galleries to see. You can also enjoy a rarest pre-breakfast treat in Saadiyat Island.

6. Visit the Heritage Village

The Heritage Village, Abu DhabiPhoto Source: MrT HK on Flickr

Long time before Abu Dhabi struck oil, the Heritage Village which sits on a sand beach that overlooks the azure sea gives you a glimpse of what happened before wealth came to the city. You will see replicas of palm frond house or barastic, traditional mosque and tiny souq. There are camels to ride when you are in the Bedouin encampment.

7. See the Beautiful Corniche

Corniche in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

One of the reasons why people love Abu Dhabi is because it is simply gorgeous. The soaring skyline cannot stop you from looking up. However, the beautiful corniche can best be explained when  you see it. You will find travellers and locals relaxing , strolling, jogging, picnicking and taking pictures here. If you want to catch the amazing view of the city’s skyline, come around the corniche and enjoy the moment.

Start planning you next trip to Abu Dhabi, discover and explore the most amazing attractions you can ever imagine. Indulge yourself and have a memorable travel experience!

If you have visited Abu Dhabi before now, kindly share your experience with us in the comment below.