7 Kenyan Wonders You Need to Visit Now

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Kenya is popularly known around the world as travel destination, due to its natural beauty, rich and unique culture, as well as amazing places to explore. Despite the fact that there are many places that one can visit in Kenya, only a portion of the many places have gained popularity, while other wonderful places are yet to be discovered. Here are some of the 7 Kenyan wonders that you should visit for a memorable experience.

Meru National Park

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Meru national park is located on the east of Meru, 350Km from the capital city. The popularity of the park was a result of the book “Born Free” by Joy Adamson’s, which later became an award winning movie, as it is the setting of the park. However, Meru national park is one of the wonders in Kenya that you should visit and explore its famous natural beauty and fauna. The natural scenery features coursing rivers, cathedrals of gaunt termites, khaki grasslands, verdant swamp and luxuriant jungle, making it incomparable with other parks. Viewings in the park include leopard, elephants, zebra, lions, waterbuck, buffalo, hartebeests, giraffes and hippopotamus. Also, the park is fit for bird watching, as it home to more than 427 bird species, scenic safari as its beauty is crowned by Mount Kenya, and camping.

Lake Turkana

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Lake Turkana is one of the lakes located in the rift valley, in the remote lands of northern Kenya. The former Lake Rudolf is the largest alkaline lake and Desert Lake in the world. Although the landscape surrounding the lake is arid, it serves as the primary breeding ground of various fish species, poisonous snakes, hippopotamus and Nile crocodile. Apart from the lake being a stopover point and flyway passage of birds migrating from Europe and Northern Asia, numerous bird species reside here. Additionally, the lake has three national parks, which includes the Central Island and South Island National Parks, and Sibiloi National Park, where the pre-human and human fossils are found.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

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Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is an exciting place where you can enjoy natural beauty peacefully. The sanctuary is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, which is the largest Lake with freshwater in Africa. It is home to Impalas like the unique Sitatunga Antelope, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalos, zebras Vervet Monkeys and the big cats. Some of the animals are in the animal orphanage, while are others are free ranging. Other activities to enjoy in the park are glass bottomed boat rides, nature walks and bird watching among others.

Aberdare National Park

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The park is located in central Kenya, approximately 100Km from Nairobi. Named after Aberdare, a mountain range stretching over various terrains with different altitudes, the park is characterized by open moorlands and ravines that are steeply forested. Game viewing in the park comprises of bushbucks, buffalos, Columbus monkey, olive baboons, hyenas, black rhinos, and elephants. Also, there are rare views in the park like blue duiker, bongo and serval cat among others. Additionally, the park is naturally beautiful and features activities like bird watching of more than 250 species, fishing in rivers present and picnicking in falls like Karuru waterfalls among others.

Ol Pajeta Conservancy

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Located between Mount Kenya and Aberdare foothills in Laikipia County, the Ol Pajeta Conservancy is one of the wonders you should visit in Kenya. Besides being the only park with all the big 5 and chimpanzees together, it is home to more than 10000 large mammals. Also, the conservancy has recorded the highest population growth of rhinos in Africa. The park has approximately 100 endangered black rhino, southern white rhino and northern white rhino that are only three in number in the world. The conservancy is also home to rare animals like bat-eared fox, Oryx, Gravy’s Zebra and African wild dog, as well other common animals and more than 300 bird species.

Chyulu Hills National Park

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Chyulu Hills National Park is a wonder located between Amboseli National Park and Tsavo West National Park. The park features Chyulu hills, a volcanic mountain range stretching over 150km long at an altitude of 2,188M high. If you are a nature lover, chyulu hills is a must visit for breathtaking landscape views. The rugged wilderness features the world’s longest lava tube, as well as volcanic craters and cones. Also, the park has a variety of wild animals like zebra, wildebeest, leopard, antelope, eland, and elephants among others. In addition, the southwest of the park is Lake Jipe, which is an awesome bird watching site.

Tana River Primate National Reserve

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The wildlife reserve is located in south-eastern Kenya, and it was established in1976, with an aim of protecting two monkey species that were endangered, and Tana riverine forest. The reserve features savannah grasslands, dry woodlands, and riparian forests. The two endangered monkey species in the reserve are red colobus monkey and mangabey monkey. Although the reserve is home to various mammals, rare plants, reptiles and species of amphibians, it has more than 200 rare bird species, such as golden pipit, bat hawk, and white-winged Apalis among others.

In conclusion, Kenya is a tourist destination full of natural beauty and wonderful places to explore. However, some places are visited more than others. If you want to an exclusive experience during your holiday, the above are some of the places you must visit.


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