7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malindi before It’s Too Late

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If you want to make your Kenyan dream holiday a reality, Malindi is the place to visit. The gorgeous coastal city is a popular destination in Kenya. The popularity of the city is attributed to its friendly and welcoming residents, unique sandy beaches, quality resorts, rich culture, great historic places to explore and excellent recreational opportunities. The tourist destination is located just 20KM from Watamu, a smaller resort town where recreational opportunities like diving, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling are superb. Additionally, the resort town is located alongside Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, which  is rich in wildlife, and the attractive but ruined city of Gedi.

If you’re planning a Kenyan dream holiday, here are 7 reasons why you should visit Malindi before it is too late;

Beautiful Climate

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The beautiful climate is one of the things that make Malindi an attractive tourist destination. Throughout the year, Malindi experiences a hot and humid sunny weather, as it is situated south of the equator. From the months of April to July, Malindi experiences long rains. Nevertheless, the climate is good for swimming throughout the year, because the coastal waters of Malindi are pleasantly warm and shallow. The water is not only warm but crystal clear, thus making the flourishing of coral reefs possible.

Friendly nature of the city

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Since establishment, Malindi has been popular for its friendly and welcoming residents. Although the residents usually use little English, you will always feel safe because of their hospitality. The unique Swahili language is what will welcome you with words like “Jambo, Karibu Sana Malindi” which translates to” Hi, you are most welcomed to Malindi”. Indicators of the friendly nature of Malindi are the Portuguese Church and Vasco da Gama’s pillar, built by Portuguese led by Vasco da Gamar, who were offered sanctuary and a guide to cross to India at Malindi. Besides, the town is home to many Italians, who have nicknamed the place “Milano”.

Fun recreational activities

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Malindi is one the best places to visit in the world if you want to have a taste of fun and memorable recreational activities. Both the residents and tourists enjoy exceptional activities like Dhow cruises, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, kites surfing, scuba diving and bird watching at Mida Creek among others.

Numerous attraction sites

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Malindi is a coastal town packed with numerous attraction sites to visit. There are two marine parks in Malindi, namely Watamu and Malindi Marine Parks, which feature colorful coral gardens full of marine life. During the visit, you move around the parks in glass bottomed boats, to allow you see the beauty of marine life. Other attraction sites to explore in Malindi are Watamu Snake Park, which features more than 200 snake species, and the largest collection in East Africa, Watamu turtle watch, Gedi ruins, Tsavo East/West National Parks, Mida Creek and Che Shale where you can learn how about kite surfing.

Sandy beaches

The popularity of Malindi around the world as an amazing coastal town to visit in East Africa is mainly because of its sandy beaches. The smooth sandy beaches are characterized by crystal clear water, making them smooth and fit for swimming. Malindi has different beaches, all featuring different but exciting recreational activities, such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, surfing, water skiing and deep sea fishing. Besides, the beaches create beautiful scenery, which has led to the establishment of beachside restaurants and beach resorts.

Luxurious resorts

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As a major beach resorts in Kenya, the hotel industry in Malindi has grown extensively. The town features numerous hotels and resorts, all creating attractive sceneries at the palm fringed beaches of Indian Ocean. The hotels and resorts are inclusive, as they feature swimming pools, spas, and restaurants, all aimed at making your holiday relaxing and enjoyable. Examples are Ocean Beach Resort & Spa and White Elephant Hotel.

Exclusive Nightlife

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One thing that is evident with Malindi residents is that they like partying. Apart from the attractive cultural activities, Nightlife in Malindi town is exclusive and vibrant. As, a tourist destination and a coastal town with a rich culture, Malindi has many bars and clubs where nightlife is lively and relaxing, as they feature live bands, dances and all sorts of drinks. Malindi is a relaxed coastal town where you can enjoy thriving nightlife with your family and friends.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a relaxing but exciting holiday, you should visit Malindi. The means of reaching the destination is either by driving from Nairobi to Mombasa or then to Malindi using hired cars and country buses operating on those routes or through flights. Various airlines offer flights to Malindi from Wilson and Jomo Kenyatta Airports in Nairobi, and Moi Airport in Mombasa.


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