5 Things You Can do on a Day trip to Mombasa

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Mombasa is coastal city that is naturally beautiful with so many exciting activities to explore. Besides, the coastal city is the second largest in Kenya. Are you planning to visit Mombasa for a day and wondering some of the things you can do to make your day memorable? Here are 5 things you can do on a day trip to Mombasa.

 Visit Haller Park

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The former Bamburi Nature Trail is an animal sanctuary situated on Mtwapa road, 10Km from Mombasa CBD. The sanctuary features botanical gardens, insects, reptiles and animals. If you are a nature lover, Haller Park is a must visit during your one day trip to Mombasa. The place is not only good for game viewing, but also suitable for other activities and cool for taking photos. Haller Park was an abandoned limestone quarry that was rehabilitated as means of nature conservation.

 Explore Mamba Village

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Mamba Village is situated in Nyali, and it is the largest crocodile farm in East Africa. Besides, the village features a botanical garden, as well as area where guests enjoy camel and horse riding. This is the place to learn about crocodiles, and watch their behaviors, especially when feeding under the guide of experts. In addition, you can have a taste of delicious cuisines at Mamba Restaurant, which offers grilled game meat like zebra, ostrich and crocodile.

Go to the beaches

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The major tourist attractions in Mombasa are the exceptional beaches. The white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean attract tourists from all over the world, and a visit to any of the beaches during your day trip is an opportunity to get into the beautiful waters of the ocean. As a matter of fact, your trip to Mombasa cannot be complete if you fail to visit the white sandy beaches. At the beaches, you can enjoy various water activities, such as sunbathing in the white sand, swimming and snorkeling among others. The beaches are categorized as south coast and north coast beaches, with the south coast beaches like Diani Beach being accessed via Likoni Ferry, while north coast beaches like Nyali Beach get accessed via Nyali Bridge.

Explore Seafood and Swahili Dishes

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If you want your day trip to Mombasa be memorable, make sure you taste various Swahili dishes. The dishes are prepared uniquely prepared, and they include dishes like Pilau, Biryani and shawarma among others. Apart from foods in Mombasa being very affordable, you have choices of hotels and restaurants to visit like Tarboush Café and Blue Room Restaurant. Besides, you can explore seafood, which are not only affordable, but also prepared with professionalism. Among the best places to enjoy seafood meals are Tamarind Mombasa and Imani Dhow Restaurant. In addition, Mombasa is a cuisine hub, where you can foods from other international traditions in restaurants like Misono for Chinese cuisines and Shehnai Restaurant.

Enjoy a Walk Tour in Mombasa’s Old Town

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The old town is popularly known for its abundant historic influence. The town is rich in culture, with Swahili architecture art making it appear unique and attractive. Besides, the old town is packed with curios shops selling Kenyan souvenirs. Since the streets of the town are narrow, you should make walks around. However, it is good to get a guide who will take you around. Also, the Fort Jesus is not far from the town, and you can make visit if you have enough time before your day ends.
Mombasa is a coastal town with many attraction sites to visit, and many things to do. With proper time management, you can visit very many places and have memorable moments.


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