Streets of Cape Town at Night

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Cape Town has been famed for its night activities, from bars and clubs, balmy evenings and excellent wines. Are you a night owl looking for a city to explore? Cape Town’s nightlife scene bring alive some streets that caters for people with different tastes, be it theatre, comedy or music.

Think of streets where you will enjoy the local music mixed with  Afro-Euro collections and Cape Town will come to your mind. There is no dull moment in the city that attracts people with its tourists’ amusements. We have listed some of the streets in Cape Town where the nightlife varies with activities.

The Long Street

Long Street, Streets of Cape Town at night

Famous Long Street, Cape Town | Photo Source:

The hottest artery that supplies life to Cape Town’s nightlife is the Long Street that seems endlessly stretched with restaurants, clubs, and bars. Every night of the week is a new with loads of exciting events ranging from music to social activities. Places like Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar makes you pray that the night never goes away. Long street creates an impression that the day is boring in Cape Town. You cannot visit this street in the night and ever feel like going to bed. It is like an addict that never wears away after trying it the first time. You can spend the whole night indulged in pleasure at some of its luxury bars of debauchery.


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Stellenbosch is the home of revelers, late night stragglers, and babblers who jump from one venue to another. Get a little crazy here where there is no rule to dress code and booze is cheap.  The day in Stellenbosh is cool but the night is sexy. South African live music and Bohemia is popular here. Even if you are little crazy with things happening around you, no one cares.

The Main Road


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Have you been to the Main Road Green Point in the night? Hidden above the street is Jade Lounge & Champagne Bar, one of the world’s finest club, where some weeknights wake from their day slumbers to bump you with activities. The intimacy that wraps itself around unwinding night activities can only be experienced in a street like this.

The Station Road

One place that rings for your attention in the night at the Station Road is the Foreign Exchange bar.  The street is committed to bringing the locals and foreigners together for unforgettable moments.  Sundowners cannot regret coming here with many pubs serving an array of beers like Red Ochre Ale, Lakeside, and Naked Mexican.

The Hout Street

Streets of Cape Town at night

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It all begins when you want to experience old-fashioned music with alternative jams mixed together in the night. Hout Street brings it on when you are looking for  a raucous night. The night envelopes you when you visit places like Aces ‘N’ Spades Bar.

Victoria Road

You just cannot swallow the sophisticated night buzz that happens here. Play,  drink and eat as you listen to the hip beats and flow with the humming conversations that may not be something you are willing to discuss if you are caught in the day.

Cape Town is justly known for its nightlife! Whether you are looking for sophisticated cocktail lairs, outgoing honkytonk bars or strip dance clubs, the after-dark showbiz of this city is just as captivating as you can ever imagine.

Ever experience Cape Town nightlife? Share your experience with us in the comment below.


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