Here’s Why You Need to Add Kigali To Your Bucket List

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Kigali, the land where beauty is felt everywhere is surrounded with winding boulevards, lush hillsides, bustling streets and flowering trees  proudly stands as ‘Africa’s cleanest city.’  It is no longer news that people still argues that Kigali is the one of the most attractive cities in Africa. You may not take days to fully discover Kigali, but we must tell you that beyond the experience, the sights and the stunning landscapes, Kigali has so many things to offer everyone. Here’s why you need to add Kigali to your bucket list;

Have a taste of Nyama Choma


If you are coming from Nigeria to Rwanda, you may have to forget ‘suya’ and  greedily feast on Nyama Choma. You must be wondering what in the world is this ‘Nyama Choma’. Relax! It is roasted goat and it is not in every local bar that you can find it.  Car wash spots are popular places for this roasted meat, served with sauce and salsa (kachambari).  Enjoy your evening with Nyama Choma and a good wine.

Explore Kigali’s Spectacular Views


Get blown away by amazing views in Kigali. The list of gorgeous landscapes is waiting for you to explore. Come and embrace the beauty of life here.   No bucket list is ever complete in Kigali without exploring its landscapes.

Go Hashing


Have you about hashing? Kigali’s Hash House Harriers have become an international movement.  Try visiting this lively and active club that holds its weekly runs on Saturday. You would meet new people and explore some of the finest places in Kigali. Even if you are alone, you would come home with lots of contacts.

Practice Horseback Riding

horseriding-in-kigaliPhoto Source: Nyampingapdx

Everyone wants to conquer Mount Kigali, but there is a special place we want to visit; Fazenda Sengha. Fazenda Sengha has  a horse riding school where you can take a lesson in their horse ring  while you overlook Kigali that is below.

Climb Mount Kigali


There is no secret about Mount Kigali except tourists want to climb it.  You would walk until you are no longer willing to work. When it looks as if you are walking endlessly, you would come across a bar where you can gulp cold beer before walking again.

Take a Tour of Nyamirambo

tour-nyamiramboPhoto Source:

Everyone’s favourite place is Nyamirambo that can be a little intimidating if you are coming the first time. The walking tour in this part of the world is legendary for a fun morning. The women’s center is an attractive place to visit in Nyamirambo.

Experiment with Ultimate Frisbee

ultimate-frisbeePhoto Source:

You would run into a gang that loves the Ultimate Frisbee game. They play on the field at Cercle Sportif. Many people have not tried their hands on this game. Why not abandon everything you came to Kigali to do and get involved in a game of Ultimate Frisbee?

Enjoy the Sunset Moto Ride


Adventurers would love this moto ride because of the excessive fun that is associated with it.  Before sunsets is when these moto rides is mostly encouraged as you can put some earphones in and forget everything happening around you.

Have you added Kigali to your list yet? Did we miss anything?


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