Countries That Nigerians Can Visit Without a Visa

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Nigerian citizens can visit some countries without a visa in their Nigerian passport. It has become a trend for Nigerians to travel outside the country, especially when a travel visa is not required or when they are not required to hustle or pay hugely for one. That’s why most of them race to Dubai, due to its accessibility. As at last year, Nigerian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 61 countries in the world. According to Passport Index, this year, Nigerians can visit 44 countries without a visa, where free entry is granted for a fixed period or with visa-on-arrival (issued for a fee), and most of these countries are in West Africa, and some in East Africa.

Countries That Nigerians Can Visit Without a Visa

Check out below the updated list of countries that Nigerians can visit without a visa, (visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival).

BangladeshVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
BeninVisa-FreeUp to 90 days
BarbadosVisa-FreeUp to 6 months
Burkina FasoVisa-FreeUp to 90 days
Burundi Visa On ArrivalUp to 90 days
CambodiaVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
CameroonVisa-FreeUp to 90 days
Cape VerdeVisa-FreeUp to 90 days
ChadVisa-FreeUp to 3 months
ComorosVisa On ArrivalUp to 90 days
Cote Divoire (Ivory Coast)Visa-FreeUp to 90 days
DjiboutiVisa On ArrivalUp to 90 days
DominicaVisa On ArrivalUp to 6 months
FijiVisa-FreeUp to 4 months
GhanaVisa-FreeUp to 3months
HaitiVisa-FreeUp to 3months
IranVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
KenyaVisa On ArrivalUp to 3months
LebanonVisa On Arrival––––
MadagascarVisa On ArrivalUp to 90 days
MaldivesVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
MauritaniaVisa On Arrival––––
MicronesiaVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
MozambiqueVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
PalauVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
RwandaVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa-FreeUp to 3months
SamaoVisa On ArrivalUp to 60 days
SenegalVisa-FreeUp to 90 days
SeychellesVisa On ArrivalUp to 3months
Sierra LeoneVisa-Free––––
TanzaniaVisa On Arrival––––
Timor-LesteVisa On ArrivalUp to 30 days
TurkeyVisa On Arrival––––
TuvaluVisa On ArrivalUp to 1 month
UgandaVisa On Arrival––––
ZambiaVisa On ArrivaleVisa

Well, Passport Index missed out some destinations, but according to IATA Timatic web, Nigerians can visit these countries with either Visa-On-Arrival or e-Visa.

MauritiusVisa-On-ArrivalUp to 2 weeks
NiaraguaVisa-On-ArrivalUp to 30 days
Sao Tome & PrincipleeVisa---

According to Passport Index, Turkey is one of the countries that allow Nigerians to visit on arrival, however, this is not truly so. If you are Nigerian Passport holder with a USA or UK Visa, you can obtain Turkish visa at the point of entry. If you don’t have a UK or USA visa, you should apply for a Turkish visa at their embassy in Nigeria.

Similarly, Nigerians are allowed to visit Georgia by applying for e-Visa online. However, e-Visa can be granted to passport holders with valid Schengen Visa or valid visa from any of the OECD member countries. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (is an intergovernmental economic organisation with some member countries, founded to stimulate economic progress and world trade. (Wikipedia) Click here to see a list of OECD member countries.

Do you need visa information for any destination, kindly send us an email. We will send you visa requirements and other information.

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