9 Beautiful Reasons To Visit Lima, Peru

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What comes to your mind when you think about the scenic continent of South America? Lima, the capital city of Peru comes to my mind, then I’ll envision the ruins of Macha Picchu. I have always wondered maybe that is the only attraction in the country, until I got to know Lima.

Many travellers overlook Peru, whereas, it has so many beautiful things to offer everyone. The capital city has a close proximity to the picturesque Pacific coastline and features historic and cultural attractions, modern shopping malls and decorative parks and sweeping ocean views. The city is a gastronomical haven and it never stops surprising tourists.

When you think about Peru, think beyond Machu Picchu and explore the city of Lima and experience its charm. Here are 9 beautiful reasons to visit Lima, Peru. You will be enthralled by its dramatic scenery and cornucopia of historical issues. The city offers you many opportunities for invaluable cultural photography, you will surely have a swell time here!

Nazca Lines


Located between the towns of Palpa and Nazca, Nazca Lines is the famous group of geoglyphs – lines of Peru. The Nazca lines show massive outlines of numerous patterns and figures including animals and human creatures. The mysterious attraction is composed of more than 10,000 lines, which cover a plateau of more than 9 Km and 30 metres wide. The best way to see and appreciate the beauty of Nazca lines is to take a helicopter ride and fly over the area.

Dédalo Arts & Crafts


Located in Barranco in the city of Lima, Dédalo Arts & Crafts is a contemporary arts and crafts store in a vintage house with a lovely courtyard café. It has been around for more than two decades. Here you will find amazing collection of artesian crafts and a variety of several art collections from Peruvian artists. If you are a lover of arts and crafts, you should consider visiting this vintage house to explore and buy some crafts.

Isolina Taberna Peruana


This is one of the main reasons to visit Lima. Isolina Taberna Peruana is a popular restaurant located in Barranco, just three blocks from the main city square. The stylish restaurant is in a traditional Barranco style house, which was once a summer residence of a rich Lima family. The restaurant features traditional Peruvian cuisine with unique recipes.

Larco Museum


Larco Museum is one of the best museums in Peru. The museum will introduce you to the history and culture of Peru. Featuring a varied collection of artifacts with large maps showing where each is located. The museum features a collection of erotic archeological treasures and pottery on the first floor.



Larcomar is one of the most notable modern attractions in Lima. Located in Miraflores, Larcoma is an exclusive shopping complex. It is one of Lima’s major shopping centers. The complex overlooks the Pacific ocean and is complemented by the multihued para-gliders sailing by overhead. Larcomar features upscale clothing stores, cinema, restaurants, a food court, bowling lanes and several other stores.

Try Lomo Saltado


Don’t leave Lima without having a taste of this traditional dishes of Peru. The Lomo Saltado is served best with rice on the side and it consists of marinated strips of beef steak with onions, tomatoes, French fries and other ingredients.

Belmond Miraflores Park


Belmond Miraflores Park is the one of the best hotels in Lima and a perfect place to stay during your vacation. The modern luxury hotel located in Lima’s upscale Miraflores disctrict, just 35 minutes from the airport. It features several stylish rooms, impeccable services, modern amenities and a sweeping rooftop views of the Pacific Ocean. This hotel should be one of the reasons to visit Lima, the capital city of Peru.


9 de diciembre de 2009 Restaurant La Huaca, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Foto: RAUL GARCIA PEREIRA/PROMPERU

Photo Source: InboundPeru.com

Huacas are several basic ruins in Lima. The most popular one is Huaca Pucllana and it is located in Miraflores. The ruins makes a perfect contrast when compared to the modern buildings in the area.  A restaurant – Restaurant La Huaca, is located on-site and it’s a beautiful place to dine at night. If you want to experience the beauty of the ruins, you should probably visit in the evening. The ruins are lit up at night and this is one of the most amazing reasons to visit Lima.



It is an expression of local artists to restore a failing neighbourhood – Callao with art. The murals by the artists refined the walls and has turned the neighbourhoods into an urbane area. According to The Guardian, “Fugaz is a private initiative by an Israeli businessman and art lover, which aims to restore Callao through art and culture, and offers locals an alternative to a life of theft and drug trafficking”.

Lima is an amazing destination on its own and a well-rounded tour should take you a day or two. You can start planning your Peruvian trip immediately.

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