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Travelanders focuses on bringing you amazing local and global guides and travel tips, engaging and enlightening real-life experiences. We offer an African viewpoint on how to spend time travelling around Nigeria, Africa and across the world. We reveal the quintessence of the global experience too.

Our editorials are intended to inspire the travel desires and drive us to pop the question – where should we visit next?   Whether it be a weekend escapade in Obudu Cattle Ranch in Calabar, a shopping experience in Dubai or a 24 hours’ tour of Paris in France, Travelanders captures the crux of the global experience you’ve always wanted.

We are crazy about sea and beaches, countryside and highlands, exotic destinations, food and drinks, arts and culture, fashion and shopping and more.

Our articles are exclusive African outlook of a destination, providing the global world the basics to travel, explore and experience a destination.

Our main goal at Travelanders.com has always been to have a website where travel lovers and every other person can stay informed on incredible things to see and do in various destinations, best places to stay, exciting travel trends, airline reviews, lifestyle features – luxury and opulence and share what travel is all about.

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