8 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Victoria Falls

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The charm of Victoria Falls doesn’t fade as one of the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls. If you are looking for an incredible place to see in Africa, there is no better place than Victoria Falls. Its waterfall drops into this massive chasm in the ground. And it is a jaw dropping attraction.

No matter how many times you have seen this fall, we bet you may not know that Victoria falls has something in common with the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, Aurora Borealis and even the Grand Canyon.  If you think you know so much about Victoria Falls, check out these eight facts you may not know about the Falls.

The Powerful Spray Creates Constant Rainfall

constant-rain-at-victoria-falls-zambiaPhoto Source: Travelbutlers.com

The spray from Victoria Falls is what creates the constant rainfall on surrounding areas, causing fertile environment for plants.  You are sure of experiencing all year rainfall around the Falls.   Little wonder, you are likely to see some endemic plant species flourishing here.

The Presence of Moonbow at Night


You can forget about rainbows you may have seen in your hometown if you are coming to the Falls.  The presence of Moonbow; a rainbow that is formed by the reflection of the moonlight on the waters also called the lunar rainbow is mind-blowing.   Moonbow is seen through the spray during night time.

The Devil’s Pool for Daredevils

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If you are not scared of ‘fear’ then there is a pool known as the Devil’s Pool located on the edge of the Falls where you can lie, swim and literally stand on the edge of the waterfall. Nothing prepares you for the awesome experience on this particular spot.

Natural Wonder of the World


There is no need leaving Africa to search for one of the wonders of the earth when there is the Victoria Falls. The Falls has become one of the natural wonders on earth. Now you know why we said initially that Victoria Falls shares something with Aurora Borealis and the Grand Canyon.

Zambezi River Feeds Victoria Falls

zambezi-river-victoria-falls-zambiaPhoto Source: Inspirationseek.com

There would be no Victoria Falls if there was no Zambezi River.  The Falls is a part of the Zambezi River’s 2,574 km long stretch and it lie almost exactly halfway along it. We bet you never know about it.

Victoria Falls Divides Two Countries

You can view Victoria Falls from two countries.  Victoria Falls can be seen on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. However, the view from Zimbabwe is the perfect spot to see everything about this magnificent Fall.

The World’s Largest Waterfall


Maybe, you never knew that Victoria Falls is crowned the largest waterfall on earth at 108 metres high and 1,708 metres wide.  Yet, Angel Falls in Venezuela and Khone Falls in Laos beat it in height and width size but Victoria Falls has the largest curtain of water that falls on earth.

Victoria Falls Named After Queen Victoria

It is no longer a secret that David Livingstone was the first European to discover the Falls, in 1855. What most people do not know was that he named it after his Queen, Victoria. Initially, Victoria Falls was referred to as  Mosi-oa-tunya, which means ‘The smoke that thunders’ by the locals before Livingstone came on the scene.

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