6 Unique Things You Must Do on Your Next Trip to the Philippines

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Vast sandy beaches, unexplored islands, and lively cultural life comprise the beauty of the Philippines. Its breathtaking landscapes and sculpted stalagmite arrays are further aggravating the grandeur of Mother Nature. If you’re planning a trip to this island, but don’t have much time in your hand, then simply include the experiences listed below in your itinerary.

Water Sports at Boracay Islands

windsurf-on-boracay-islandPhoto Source: Actionsportasia.com

Boracay Islands, being one of the famous holiday destinations, remain congested with crowds throughout the year. However, it offers some amazing water activities like water-skiing, banana boats, para-sailing, and many others. Anyone who wants to get the thrill feel can opt for these sports.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale Sharks in Cebu Philippines Photo Source: Dontforgettomove.com

In Cebu of Philippines, you can swim with whale sharks. Coming close to these leopard-spotted sharks will make you create a long-lasting memory. Having this experience is absolutely safe as they are quite friendly creatures. Visit the place anytime of the year to enjoy swimming with them. As soon as you step into the beach, you will see many whale sharks there to give you a hearty welcome.

Watch the Dance of Filipinos

Singkil is a traditional Philippines dancePhoto Source: Vange Domingo via Pinterest

Filipinos are outstanding in dancing and singing. Wherever you go, you’ll be entertained with their Tinikling dance and songs. At times, you will see some groups of boys playing melodious tunes on their guitars. Watching these friendly locals moving their bodies and feet along with the beats is a pleasant experience. Remember to experience this whenever you visit the Island.

Explore its amazing wildlife

Philippine Tarsier

When it comes to wildlife, Philippines proudly come to the forefront. Go there and amaze yourself with 400 coral species and 300 types of reptiles. However, its flora and fauna list doesn’t end here. The place is thriving with 300 types of mammals and 600 birds’ species to impress all its nature lover tourists. Though you may not be able to see all the species, yet watching the adorable tiniest monkeys, the Philippine Tarsier is enough to get an idea of its rare collections.

Taste the Filipino Cuisine

Filipino Kamayan

The traditional culture of the Island deals mainly with its foods. Filipino cuisines have unique tastes. It’s quite unfortunate that they are not so popular outside Asia. Some of the popular cuisines are Tapa, Adobo, Lechon, and many others. Try them and have a feast for all your senses.

Spend Hours at the Chocolate Hills

chocolate-hillsPhoto Source: Akademifantasia.org

Take a scooter and drive to the Chocolate Hills, which is situated 50kms from Alona Beach. Get on the top of its viewing deck to marvel at the surrounding scenery. Avoid going there during the monsoon. Each island of Philippines is stunning than the other. Having all the fun in a single visit may be difficult. So, planning the itinerary properly is crucial. But, if you just do the above-cited things, then also you will be able to have a quality vacation.


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