5 Reasons Nairobians Fall in Love with Mombasa

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Nairobians Fall in Love with Mombasa

You’ve never been anywhere like Mombasa! The city boasts a blend of cool seaside vibes, urban culture and interesting traditions. There are few beaches in Africa that can compete with Mombasa’s scenic beaches. No wonder the residents of Nairobi, also known as Nairobians have always falling in love with the city despite love their home. Not convinced? See reasons why Nairobian fall in love with Mombasa every now and then:

Excellent Beach Hotels and Resorts

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Anyone who has ever visited the various beach hotels and resorts in Mombasa will understand why Nairobians prefer Mombasa as their getaway destination. Besides being located near the shores of Indian Ocean, the hotels and resorts are elegantly designed and furnished. Most of the hotels and resorts in Mombasa feature social amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools and spas as extras to their guests. Also, hotels and resorts that situated near beaches give the guests the benefit of getting into the waters of Indian Ocean in exclusive locations. Due to their standards and recreational opportunities offered, hotels and resorts in Mombasa serve as honeymoon and romantic destinations for most Nairobians.

 World Class Beaches

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Nairobi city features many recreational facilities and amenities for Nairobians to enjoy, but no single Nairobian can compare the opportunities with a visit to the beaches. Mombasa and the coastal region in particular feature world class beaches with white sand. During the holidays, Nairobians flock in these beaches for sunbathing and swimming activities, either in public or private beaches. Recreational activities in the beaches are attractions to Nairobians. Unlike Nairobi where Nairobians have to enjoy swimming after paying, public beaches are free and Nairobians enjoy swimming in the salty waters of Indian Ocean and getting the cool breeze after swimming the whole day.

Vibrant Nightlife

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Although Nairobi is known for its vibrant nightlife, an amazing nightlife experience can only be enjoyed in Mombasa, where partying scenes are spacious and not overcrowded. Besides, night weather in Mombasa is better compared to that in Nairobi. Although partying in Nairobi and Mombasa is considered to be at the same level, beach parties in Mombasa make nightlife in Mombasa to be exceptional, attracting Nairobians who wants to have an amazing nightlife, partying in the cool breezes of the ocean while enjoying breathtaking views of beaches.

Tasty Cuisines

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Among the things that attract Nairobians to Mombasa are cuisines. Seafood lovers in Nairobi refer to Mombasa as a haven where they can not only find fresh but also delicious cuisines that are perfectly cooked. Besides, Mombasa is the place where Nairobians get to enjoy foods from Swahili culture, prepared using “Nazi”. Unlike in Nairobi where you have to dine in expensive and luxurious hotels to enjoy some dishes, the dishes are easily available at affordable costs in Mombasa.

Hospitality of the residents

Nairobi is a place where everyone is busy minding his/her own business, to an extent that something bad can happen to you without anyone bothering to help. However, Mombasa residents are hospitable and welcoming. The hospitality of the residents and the relaxed atmospheres attracts Nairobians; specifically, those that go there enjoy relaxed holidays, far from the noisy Nairobi streets.

In conclusion, there are other reasons why Nairobians fall in love with Mombasa, such as water activities for those who love water sports, the diversified culture and exceptional travel places to visit.



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