5 Places You Need to Visit When You Have One Day in Kisumu

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The famous Kisumu city is the third largest city in Kenya, and it serves as the getway to the tourism circuit in western Kenya. The city was established in 1901, serving the Kenya-Uganda railways as the primary inland terminal. Rich national history and culture have contributed to the popularity of the city. Kisumu is located on the shores of Lake Victoria.  As a tourist destination, Kisumu hosts many places where you can visit and explore in one day.  Here are 5 places you should visit during one day visit in Kisumu.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

 Photo Source: 360virtualreality.co.ke

The sanctuary is among the smallest wildlife reserves in Kenya, but it is a place worth every minute.  The 38ha reserve was established to be the home of the endangered impala species in Kisumu and surrounding areas, as well as providing safe grazing fields for hippos in Lake Victoria.  Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in Africa and one kilometer from Kisumu CBD, the sanctuary is place every nature lover should visit while in Kisumu.  Although the highest population of animals in the sanctuary comprises of zebras and impalas that roam freely, there are other animals like lions, leopards, hyenas, baboons, lions, bush bucks and buffaloes, but most of them are caged.  Also, you can enjoy glass bottomed boat rides in the sanctuary.

Hippo Point

 Photo Source: Amazingkisumu.co.ke

Hippo Point should be the last place to visit during your one day trip in Kisumu.  This is because the place is popular for attractive sunset views as you watch the hippos coming to graze as the sun sets.  The sun dowers location is close to Dunga village, which is a camping site and fishing port located some kilometers on the South west of Kisumu.  As you enjoy the sunset views, you can move around to watch birds and hippos in a boat ride.

Kit Mikayi

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The destination is located approximately 29KM west of the city, and 1Km off Kisumu-Bondo road.  The attraction is basically a large rock with three other rocks placed on top.  The rock is about 70 to 80 ft. tall, posing like a woman carrying a load on her back.  Besides, the rock weeps, thus also known as the weeping stone.  Apart from the place having some entertaining mythical stories revolving around humans and the rock, you will get into caves that are now worshipping areas of the Legio Maria sect. Besides, you can climb the rocks to have breathtaking views of Lake Victoria and Kisumu city.

 Lwang’Ni Beach

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Locate on the shores of Lake Victoria; Lwang’Ni is an amazing beach that completes a visit to Kisumu. The beach is a fishing spot that all fishermen in Lake Victoria term as their favorite spot.  This is the place to taste the delicious meal of fresh tilapia fish and the local “Kuon”. Besides, you can enjoy some boat rides as the meal gets ready.

 Kisumu Museum

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To learn the history of the city and the surrounding environs, visit the interesting Kisumu Museum.  Although the museum is smaller in size, it features a comprehensive exhibit gallery showing the culture of Western Nyanza residents.  While at this place, you will learn their traditional dressing, traditional tools and farming was conducted traditionally.  In fact, you will see the traditional Luo homestead model located in the museum and sponsored by UNESCO. Besides, you will see live animals and fish in the museum, as well as pay a visit to tortoise pens and the outdoor snake park in the museum.

Nevertheless, there are other places to visit in Kisumu like Kiboko Bay Resort, Dunga Hill Camp, Ruma National Park and Luanda Magere Grave among others, but based on the time you have to explore all these places.


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