5 African Coastal Destinations You Absolutely Have To Visit

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Africa features countless miles of coastlines and ancient port towns and cities. In fact, the continent provides travellers and tourists with an opportunity to experience its culture and attractions on a whole different level. You might have heard Lagos, Nairobi and Cape Town, but you may not have heard of these captivating destinations, which are situated along the African coast. The real beauty of these coastal destinations is not confined to the shoreline landscapes, the stunning attractions, arts and culture, delicious cuisine and the ancient ruins will amaze you. ‘Wearing the sunshine as its favourite accessory’, the African coastal destinations can quash the thirst of beach bums. Here are some of the African coastal destinations you absolutely have to visit;

1. Lamu

Shela, Lamu IslandPhoto source: Lamuisland.co.ke

The towns of Lamu Islands in East Africa are thriving today with its fishing industry. A visit to the town will take you close to the Swahili way of life. If you want ultimate relaxation during your holidays, Lamu Island is the place for you. Its panoramic views and calm ambiance will soothe your soul. Moreover, two very famous beaches namely Shela Beach and Manda Bay are located near it. Touring into the old town, deep sea fishing and different other water-sports will make your days memorable.

2. Stone Town, Zanzibar

stone-town-tour (1)Photo Source: Zanzibarmice.com

Famous as a post-safari spot, Zanzibar stands out from others with its rugged beauty. Explore the Stone Town and venture into its turquoise waters to see its coral reefs. For snorkelling and diving, this is the excellent place. Watching the coastline from an age-old wooden dhow is a must-have experience. Pristine reefs and remote beaches of Mafia Archipelago of Zanzibar will surely refresh you. Also, spend some days with your better-half in the classic ‘desert Island’ of Mnemba.

3. Strandfontein

Strandfontein, South AfricaPhoto Source: Koelbly Blog

This Blue-flag beach remains crowded with outdoor enthusiasts and families all the year round. Its vast tidal swimming pool enables the kids to play with the waves for long hours. Strandfontein Beach is ideal for those who are interested in Cray fishing. Hiking, Gyrocopter trips, Quad Biking, Microlight are also available. Apart from it, observe the South Right whales closely by going there during their calving season. Gathering of beach vendors on the coastline will make you savour delicious snacks and ice-creams while enjoying sunbath simultaneously.

4. Mozambique

massinga-mozambiquePhoto Source: Mozambiqueislands.com

Beckoned with shading palm trees and coastlines, Mozambique has evolved as one of the enigmatic coastal towns. Its deep blue waters are abundant with shoals of fishes. Board on one of its Dhows with billowing sails to explore every nook and corner of the town. Remote archipelagos and rich coral life of the place have attracted the tourists over years. In Mozambique, seeing its vibrating nightlife, buildings with colonial architecture, a whimsical mix of various cultures, and lush greenery- all are unfailingly rewarding. Discover the different attractions by taking some long bus rides.

5. Likomo Island

kayamawaPhoto Source: Chavula

Likomo Islandis is one of the most beautiful African coastal destinations and it is located on the north-eastern part of the Malawi Lake. It is the home of many fascinating rustic beaches. By boat or plane, you can reach the place. The clear waters of the beach call its visitors for diving and snorkelling. Peaceful abandoned rocky coastline of the island has transformed this place into a slice of paradise.
Undoubtedly, life is always better at the beaches. Walking along its shores while letting the cool breeze wash your face is an experience in itself. Escape to any of the African coastal destinations with your suitcase to enjoy life in a different way.